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Liberon Cotton Rags
Brand: Liberon Decorating Store code: LIBCR1KG Liberon Cotton Rags are 100% pure cotton rag...
From £8.90 Ex VAT: £13.59
Liberon Cotton Waste
Brand: Liberon Decorating Store code: LIBCW1KG Liberon Cotton Waste is made from pure cotto...
From £5.14 Ex VAT: £10.36
Liberon Foam Applicators
Liberon Foam Dye Applicators are specially designed foam brushes for the application of water based...
From £2.13 Ex VAT: £1.77
Liberon Furniture Brush
Brand: Liberon Decorating Store code: LIBFBRUSH Liberon Furniture Brushes are designed for ...
£25.00 £19.29 Ex VAT: £16.07
Liberon Liming Bronze Brush
PurposeLiberon Bronze Liming Brush is made from long lasting bronze bristles, which make it ideal f...
£15.31 £11.81 Ex VAT: £9.84
Liberon Lubricating Wax 500ml
Liberon Lubricating Wax is specially formulated to lubricate and clean saw blades, cutter blades, m...
£11.70 £9.03 Ex VAT: £7.53
Liberon Pearl Glue 250g
PurposeLiberon Pearl Glue is a traditional wood glue used for veneering, joinery and antique restor...
£6.71 £5.18 Ex VAT: £4.31
Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue 250g
Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue is a traditional glue which is mainly used in gesso and size preparations ...
£11.34 £8.74 Ex VAT: £7.29
Liberon Wax Polishing Brush
Liberon Wax Polishing Brush is designed for buffing waxed polishes on finihsed surfaces. It is slig...
£22.69 £17.50 Ex VAT: £14.59
Rustins Foam Brush Set (1,2,3 & 4 in)
An alternative to bristle brushes, the poly brush is ideal for paint, wood dye, oils and varnish. Q...
£4.12 £3.36 Ex VAT: £2.80
Rustins Lint Free Cloths (Pack of 3)
Lint-free cloths are perfect for the application of danish oil, teak oil, furniture oil, wax polish...
£4.22 £3.45 Ex VAT: £2.87