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Olfa 43mm Replacement Blades for BTC-1 Scraper - Pack of 3
This Replacement blade for the Multi-Purpose Razor Edge Scraper is a razor edged double sided bla...
£5.16 £4.45 Ex VAT: £3.71
Olfa Heavy Duty Scraper Blades - 10 Pack
These blades are one of three types that are designed to fit the OLFA X-DESIGN™ range of XSR scra...
£7.20 £5.95 Ex VAT: £4.96
Olfa Wallpaper Stripping Flexible Blades - 6 Pack
For stripping wallpaper, we recommend using these BSF blades with the OLFA X-DESIGN range of scra...
£8.88 £6.49 Ex VAT: £5.41