Sanding Pads, Blocks & Sponges 

Sanding Pads, Blocks & Sponges
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Mirka Interface Pad - Rectangular
The Mirka Interface Pad is placed between the base plate of the sanding tool and the sanding stri...
From £22.66 Ex VAT: £18.88
Mirka Sanding Block 70x125mm Grip Shaped
The Mirka Grip Shaped Sanding Block is for use with Mirka 70 x125mm strips Ergonomic shap...
£9.88 £4.94 Ex VAT: £4.12
Mirka Sanding Sponge - 120x98x13mm
The Mirka Sanding Sponge is a highly flexible sanding pad with a soft foam middle. Sanding sponge...
From £0.46 Ex VAT: £0.27