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Mythic Interior Pro Semi-Gloss Paint - White

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Brand: MythicMythic
Product Code: MYT#MP302
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* Mythic Tin Size:

*Please note - these may come from other bases but mixed to white. These bases may display 'Pastel' or 'Medium' base on the tins, but these paints will be white*


Mythic Pro is a non-toxic, ultra low odor, high quality paint line designed specifically for use by painting professionals. Mythic Pro meets criteria for coating used in LEED certified buildings. It has been developed for rapid commercial application and has no cancer-causing toxins or VOC’s that can off-gas for years.

Mythic Pro Interior Latex Semi-Gloss is a high hiding paint designed for the professional contractor for use over properly prepared interior walls of plaster, wallboard, masonry, and tightly adhered wallpaper. Its lustrous finish is ideal for high traffic areas where a tough washable semi-gloss finish is desirable.

It is ideal for residences, office buildings, hotel rooms, stores, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and other areas where a splatter resistant low sheen finish with superior touch up is desired.