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Mythic Interior Acrylic Latex High-Gloss Paint - White

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Brand: MythicMythic
Product Code: MYT#MP103
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* Mythic Tin Size:

*Please note - these may come from other bases but mixed to white. These bases may display 'Pastel' or 'Medium' base on the tins, but these paints will be white*


A premium quality, high sheen paint that is ideal for use on interior walls where a tough, durable, high gloss finish is desired. Ideal for use in kitchens, interior doors and trim, and any other area where a tough, high gloss, washable finish is required.


  • Low odour
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Spatter Resistant
  • Durable, Washable finish
  • Crystalline Silica Free
  • Zero VOC and Zero Carcinogens

To download the product technical data sheet please click here.

To download the product MSDS information please click here.

Soap and Water
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Paint Type: 
Acrylic Latex