Trimming Knives - Retractable 

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Irwin Pro Touch Retractable Blade Knife
Ideal for general maintenance jobs.Lightweight, hardwearing aluminium body with 6x longer life.Virt...
£15.46 £11.04 Ex VAT: £9.20
Irwin Standard Retractable Knife
Durable, 3-position slide allows different blade lengths to be used.Ideal cutting angle for reduced...
£7.61 £5.43 Ex VAT: £4.53
Irwin XP Heavy-Duty Retractable Blade Knife
A heavy-duty all metal bodied knife with a one-piece nose to prevent blade slippage.Tool free blade...
£17.88 £12.77 Ex VAT: £10.64
Personna Auto Change Retractable Utility Knife + 3 Blades
Personna 630220 auto-change retractable utility knife with blades that automatically load when used...
£16.33 £11.67 Ex VAT: £9.73
Personna Retractable Black Metal Utility Knife + 1 Blade
American Line 660437 economy retractable utility knife has a metal body with overlap nose for safet...
£5.05 £3.62 Ex VAT: £3.01
Personna Retractable Utility Knife + 3 Blades
American Line 660330 metal bodied heavy-duty retractable utility knife with an overlap nose for saf...
£5.99 £4.29 Ex VAT: £3.57