Snap Off Knives - 9mm 

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Irwin Pro Touch Auto Load Snap Off Knife 9mm
This knife has an auto-load mechanism for fast blade change. It also features a self-locking blade ...
£10.33 £7.39 Ex VAT: £6.16
Olfa Ultra Slim Stainless Steel Cutter w/ Auto-Lock - 9mm
The OLFA SVR-2 has an ultra slim, stainless steel body, and comes pre-loaded with a stainless ste...
£7.92 £3.96 Ex VAT: £3.30
Olfa X DESIGN Cutter with Auto-Lock - 9mm
The OLFA XA-1 benefits from X-DESIGN excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-...
£7.08 £3.54 Ex VAT: £2.95
Personna Heavy-Duty Smart Grip 9mm Auto Lock Snap Off Knife + 3 Blades
American Line 660395 Smart-Grip 9mm snap-off knife with 3 blades each with 13 points. The Autolock ...
£4.15 £2.97 Ex VAT: £2.47
Personna Stainless Steel 9mm Snap Off Knife + 1 Blade
American Line 650300 9mm stainless steel autolock snap-off knife with a safety cap. The stainless s...
£4.74 £3.39 Ex VAT: £2.83