Snap Off Knives - 18mm 

Snap Off Knives - 18mm
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Hultafors Snap Off Knife 18mm Zinc
Sturdy and reliable snap-off knife with ergonomic design for optimal safety and convenience at work...
£8.33 £6.36 Ex VAT: £5.30
Irwin 18mm Blue Snap Off Blades
The Irwin bi-metal blue blades are shatterproof for ultimate safety, making them suitable for unive...
From £3.26 Ex VAT: £2.71
Irwin Pro Snap Off Knife 18mm
Irwin Pro snap-off retractable knives have a self-locking blade slider for faster adjustments and a...
£3.06 £2.19 Ex VAT: £1.83
Irwin Pro Touch 18mm Snap Off Knife
This knife has a manual nose screw for increased security. It also features an auto-load blade mech...
£16.34 £11.67 Ex VAT: £9.73
Irwin Snap Off Blades 18mm Pack of 5
Brand: Irwin Decorating Store code: IRW10504561 Carbon steel snap-off blades. ...
£3.04 £2.18 Ex VAT: £1.81
Irwin Snap Off Knife 18mm
The Irwin IRW10507580 standard screw knife features an 18mm bi-metal blade. A performance knife fea...
£7.37 £5.26 Ex VAT: £4.39
Olfa Speed Blade - 18mm - Pack of 5
The Olfa Speed Blade is for cutting jobs that require super speed. The carbon tool steel blad...
£6.49 £3.24 Ex VAT: £2.70
Olfa X DESIGN Cutter with Auto-Lock - 18mm
The OLFA L5-AL benefits from X-DESIGN excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable, anti...
£9.59 £4.79 Ex VAT: £3.99
Personna Heavy-Duty Smart Grip Snap Off Knife 18mm + 3 Blades
American Line 660397 SmartGrip 18mm snap-off knife.The Autolock slider locks instantly for safety a...
£5.04 £3.60 Ex VAT: £3.00