General Surface Cleaners & Degreasers 

General Surface Cleaners & Degreasers
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Cuprinol Bilgex Grease / Scum Remover 5 Litre
Brand: Cuprinol Decorating Store code: CUPBILGEX5L Cuprinol Grease/Scum Remover is excellen...
£44.98 £42.84 Ex VAT: £35.70
Everbuild PVCu Cream Cleaner 1 Litre
This Everbuild EVBPVCC1 PVCu Cream Cleaner is a solvent-free formulation designed to remove ingrain...
£6.97 £4.58 Ex VAT: £3.81
Everbuild PVCu Solvent Cleaner 1 Litre
This Everbuild EVBPVCC1 PVCu Solvent Cleaner is a solvent based formulation designed to remove ingr...
£9.88 £6.46 Ex VAT: £5.39
Everbuild Sugar Soap Liquid 500 ml
Brand: Everbuild Decorating Store code: EVBSOAPLIQ A concentrated solution which when dilut...
From £2.55 Ex VAT: £1.64
Fluxaf Power Clean - 750ml
Fluxaf Power Clean is a powerful ready to use alkaline cleaner & degreaser. Fluxaf Power Clea...
£7.99 £4.79 Ex VAT: £3.99
Fluxaf Pro Clean
Fluxaf Pro Clean is a biodegradable cleaning solution ideally suited for the fast degreasing and ...
From £7.99 Ex VAT: £6.66
Ronseal Thompsons uPVC Liquid Restorer 480 ml
Brand: Ronseal Decorating Store code: RSLTUPVREST Thompson's RSLTUPVREST is a powerful uPVC...
£8.76 £6.70 Ex VAT: £5.59
Rustins Sugar Soap 500 ml
Brand: Rustins Decorating Store code: RUSSS500 Ideal for preparing surfaces for repainting,...
£3.61 £2.95 Ex VAT: £2.46
Rustins uPVC Cleaner 500 ml
Rustin's uPVC Cleaner is a blend of ingredients which clean and restore all types of white uPVC tha...
£6.73 £5.49 Ex VAT: £4.57
Swarfega Jizer Degreasers
Brand: Swarfega Decorating Store code: SWAJIZ609 Swarfega Jizer degreaser is a water rinsab...
From £4.61 Ex VAT: £22.94
Viro-Sol Citrus Based Cleaner/Degreaser
Viro-Sol is a citrus-based cleaner and degreaser, Virosol has been formulated for maximum cleanin...
From £8.99 Ex VAT: £7.49